Transforming Engineers into Intrapreneurs and Great Leaders

Are you an engineer, nerd or technical talent who wants to advance through management faster, be an internal innovator, try entrepreneurship or be a transformational leader?  
Learn and operationalize our 7-Gear Enginpreneur™ System to
Transform from Gearhead to Group Head and advance your career, contribution, leadership, and personal fulfillment. 
Enginpreneur™ Academy – the ultimate course for technical and engineering talent seeking to be innovators, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and high-performance leaders
Do you know the 7 Blindspots that delay the advancement and progress of most technical talent?
A powerful course with cutting-edge thought leadership on how to be a great non-obvious innovator within your organization, advance into management and rock your leadership for you and your organization to succeed.

People with technical background and talent have provided some of the greatest innovations to mankind and have built some of the greatest organizations and transformative products and services in the World.  

From over 25 years of work and research with technical and non-technical organizations around the world, we have found technical talent tends to suffer the most when put into innovation, supervisory, leadership or management positions (formal or informal).  

​Meet, share and network with other technical and leadership talent who understand the power of combining your technical gifts with key skills to be effective leaders, innovators and business builders.  
You will come away transformed and confident you can take your career and contributions at work to whole new levels. 

​Learn actionable, practical skills and methodologies that will help you in all areas of your life -- with your teams at work and in your life (the same things that hold engineers back at work, often are blind spots that hold them back from taking their lives to whole new levels)
Grab your seat
“When I went from being an engineer to a supervisor, I struggled with some basic management and leadership skills and realized the technical background that served me so well, sometimes got in my way of understanding others, getting the big picture, inspiring and being a world-class leader.  The Enginpreneur Academy is exactly what any geek or nerd needs to step onto a new stage of leadership”
- Paresh Shah

Ideal for:
-Engineers and technology talent that wants to lead and inspire greatness
-Leaders and emerging leaders in technical organizations that need to drive performance and high-performance cultures
-People seeking to bring great innovation into their organization
-Job seekers considering a career change
-Aspiring supervisors or managers needing help making the transition from technical to human
-Entrepreneurs who want to be great innovators and leaders beyond technical contributions
-Consultants, free lancers and project managers
Are you an engineer, technical talent or geek who wants to move to management faster, be an internal innovator, try entrepreneurship or be a transformational leader in the World?   Learn how to take your main assets as technical talent and address the 7 Blindspots that keep technical talent from their highest potential.
You don’t need necessarily need an MBA to learn to be an effective innovator, manager or leader today:   This one-day workshop will open your eyes into the possibilities to advance your career and make greater contributions as an Enginpreneur™
Learn and operationalize the Seven Gear Enginprener System to advance your contribution, leadership and career
Along with these great technical assets, our experience and research shows that technical talent often has blind-spots that result in poor managerial performance, frustration on their teams, and inability to innovate and be a leaders.  This requires our 7-gear Model of Enginpreneurs:
Learn, practice and begin to Master the 7 Gear Enginpreneur Method to be a World-class engineer, innovator, supervisor or leader and put your contribution to your company and your career into hyperdrive.
Taught by an successful aerospace engineer from Northrop Grumman turned Harvard MBA  who is a serial entrepreneur, advisor to CEOs and trainer and consultant to global companies on leadership, innovation and mindfulness. 
Technical talent tends to be highly effective at:

Problem Solving
Being Methodical
Arguing for an approach
Curious and resourceful
Practical and action oriented

 How long is the workshop?
Workshops is one-day from 9-6 (with optional diner and additional networking in the evening). 

        Will I get results from attending this workshop?
You will feel be inspired about your future, the career possibilities you can open, the impact you can have in your organization and the inovations you can contribute to the World
You will learn the 7 Gear Enginpreneur model and practice associated skills and be able to share them with your organization when you return
You will meet other aspiring Enginpreneurs, executives and technical leaders who can help each other as fellow Enginpreneurs
How do we reinforce what we learn and stay in touch with the friends and like-minded people we meet?
We will have a closed Facebook group for you to share your progress, questions, victories and network and hold each other accountable
Unlike many conferences, we will also have optional monthly Zoom calls for participants to continue to learn and reinforce new skills, share with each other, ask questions and reinforce being Enginpreneurs.

 How do I know if I'm the right fit for the workshop?
If you are someone with technical talent looking to be a more effective leader, move from strictly technical work into higher levels of supervision and management this is the prefect course designed to break through barriers
If you want to innovate great new products, services and experiences with a team, Enginpreneur Academy will equip you to avoid the mistakes most engineers and technical people make when participating in or leading teams (formally or informally)

  What makes this different than other events?
This is a hands-on learning exchange where our thought-leaders and guest speakers will give you high-impact Enginpreneur skills,  you will practice practical skills throughout the day, in a safe, fun and supportive community. 
You will go back to work and your team and managers will likely wonder “what happened? This is magic!  This is a new person who thinks more broadly that we can see as a great team contributor and better leader immediately!”
 How can I best prepare?
Once you sign up for the workshop we will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of the workshop, before you even show up.  For now, just jot down your aspirations, questions and obstacles you wish to address.

 I have some more questions and need to find out more information.
No problem! Email us at (we should get the email from Rohit) and we will be happy to address your questions.