The Ultimate gathering of Lifters – the future leaders of our companies and communities


A powerful one-day gathering of positive thought-leaders and aspiring Lifters learning, sharing and practicing the 4 Mindshifts and Essential Skills to be the new leaders of organizations, communities, schools, companies and the World. 

Great leaders embrace new futures and adapt to a rapidly changing world. The world of business, organizations and society is once again in the midst of turmoil and a fundamental shift.  This shift is as transformational as the Agricultural Revolution, Industrial Revolution and the Information/Internet Revolution.  Each of these eras changed everything about how organizations, individuals and society flourished.  

We have now entered a new and exciting era.   

We call it the Consciousness Re-Evolution -- where Compassion, Creativity, Connectedness, Caring and Consciousness are the new values and skills every organization needs to survive and thrive.  According to the Harvard Business Review, Companies that have conscious leadership practices perform 10X better!
Lifters see it, feel it, sense it and know it. Are you one of us?

You will come away transformed, with actionable leadership skills to practice and share in all areas of your life -- with your teams, your community and any other organizations in need of a lift in performance.  
Grab your seat
“Lifter Leadership left me not just feeling hopeful about the future, but also equipped to immediately bring about transformation in my organization”
Ed Svehlik
VP, Sourcing
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Ideal for:
-Leaders and leaders in organizations, governments and non-profits,
-People searching for meaning in their work
-Job seekers considering a career change
-Human Resources executives seeking worker engagement, diversity, innovation
-Entrepreneurs who want to build high-performance cultures
-Organizational, and Leadership Consultants

-Anyone who wants to integrate the power of purpose into their lives – personal and professional
Learn and operationalize the Four Lifter Leadership Mindshifts and associated skills to be the new type of leader more and more organizations are seeking
Lifter Leadership is being embraced by organizations around the Globe to address some of the biggest problems workers and companies are facing – the need for innovation, worker motivation, building customer trust and loyalty, valuing diversity and being socially responsible. 

Learn how to blend your individual or team’s purpose, creative talents and unique skills into your workplace to drive professional success.  With Lifter Leadership you can lift your organization to the next level of business performance and elevate your personal happiness,  well-being and contributions to the World. 

​Meet other people like you who understand the power of purpose, positivity, authenticity, creative expression in the World that is emerging and form lifelong collaborations.   
Los Angeles, California
JULY 26th 2018
SEPT 13th 2018
Online Course

How long is the workshop?
  • The workshop is one-day from 9-6 (with optional diner and additional networking in the evening). 

Will I get results from attending this workshop?
  • You will feel inspired about your future, the impact you can have in your organization and the change you can make in the World
  • You will learn the 4 Lifter Mindshifts and associated actionable skills and be able to share them with your organization when you return
  • You will meet other cool people who are Lifters - -positive, purposeful and high-impact change leaders
  • How do we reinforce what we learn and stay in touch with the friends and like-minded people we meet?
  • Unlike many conferences, will also have optional monthly Zoom calls for participants to continue to learn new skills, share with each other, ask questions and reinforce Lifter Leadership

How do I know if I'm the right fit for the workshop?
  • If you are someone who sees the shift happening in the world from power, transaction and control to compassion, cooperation and contribution you are likely a Lifter.  If you see yourself (or your honest friends see you as) positive, a good learner, and someone who has a purpose to inspire others into, you are likely a Lifter and will benefit, grow and know you are not alone!

What makes this different than other events?
  • This is a hands-on learning exchange where our thought-leaders and guest speakers will give you high-impact Lifter Leadership Mindshifts and skills,  you will practice practical skills you can take back to work with you, and you will be transformed as a leader for the new er we have just entered as a planet.

How can I best prepare?
  • Once you sign up for the workshop we will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of the workshop, before you even show up.

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